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PSA: because I keep seeing that shitty manipulated photo of Emma Watson on my dash. THAT PHOTO WAS PHOTOSHOPPED.  The original photo (with another from the same shoot, is from 2011 with Mariano Vivanco) are pictured above. Please don’t perpetuate this error. 

Deliberately spreading an altered image of Emma Watson which purports to show her breasts as a statement against threats of nude photo leaks is the height of hypocrisy and whoever did it should be ashamed. (x)


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Today In Solidarity (10.5.14): Voter Registration surges in Ferguson in the wake of Mike Brown’s death. The ballot box is not a singular or final solution to dismantling the systems of oppression in Ferguson and beyond, but it’s certainly an important area to focus on. Remember, the current city council/government is disproportionately white due in large part to voter apathy. It’s not too late to get registered, but many state deadlines are coming up this week! For more info visit: VOTE MISSOURI or Rock the Vote.

There’s no place where you can affect change more directly or effectively than at the local level. Don’t sleep on municipal elections. #staywoke #farfromover

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So weird how John and Hank supported Laci Green against Sam Pepper but crickets for Shane’s fans threatening Franchesca.

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Emma Sulkowicz is on the cover of this month’s New York Magazine and that is the coolest thing wow

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Do not go to the liquor store on 90th and MacArthur, around 10-14 Black men will be standing out there with vans and they will try to snatch you up, the Arab dudes who own the liquor store are in on it do not go there during the night, if it wasn’t for my boyfriend being with me last night they would have got me #staywoke

also please do not go by yourself let alone in a group of girls by international ave or east oakland or stay out in the BART stations by yourself.


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Robin Williams Is NOT Free (via Phoebe Gavin)

Did you know that suicide is contagious?
Yep. A great deal of research has been done on cases spanning the last three hundred years the show that suicide rates spike after a highly publicized suicide – especially when it’s a celebrity suicide.
Does that mean we shouldn’t talk about suicide or Robin Williams? No. It means we should talk about suicide and Robin Williams responsibly.
  • Presenting simplistic explanations for suicide
  • Engaging in repetitive, ongoing, or excessive reporting of suicide in the news
  • Providing sensational coverage of suicide
  • Reporting “how-to” descriptions of suicide
  • Presenting suicide as a tool for accomplishing certain ends
  • Glorifying suicide or persons who commit suicide
  • Focusing on the suicide completer’s positive characteristics
"But Phoebe, they’re basically saying don’t talk about suicide."
No, they’re saying is don’t make it sound attractive. 

An example of what not to do: 

Robin Williams is NOT free.

Please watch this. 

Another thing blown out of proportion. It was not meant to be malicious or romantic. It was meant as an honor to a man who let his demons take him over and eventually break away from them. I didn’t see this as them making it an accomplishment. There is no glory in this. Ugh.


"You didn’t write that. That’s a Queen/David Bowie song."
"I didn’t think you knew that one."

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so good. can’t wait to see him at stern grove in august!

If you kill a person, you’re a murderer. If you steal, no one would hesitate to call you a thief. But in America, when you force yourself on someone sexually, some people will jump through flaming hoops not to call you a rapist.


i dont trust people who dont let their dogs or cats on the furniture u are mean u are cold hearted

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Foot Petting

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Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.
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if tumblr is the first place you’ve ever consistently seen a black person discuss the constant racism they experience in their day to day life

you and your token black friend

aren’t actually friends

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Michael Sam Reacts to Being Drafted by the Rams by
Tristan Thornburgh

This is the footage that ESPN aired live. So not only do we have the first openly gay player drafted to the NFL but we also have the first gay kiss between player and lover aired on national tv.

That’s right, ESPN, owned by DISNEY, aired this in full with no cuts.

How about that for some equality?

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